Loreal Forever Youth Liberator Creams With Glycans

What Are Glycans

L’oreal claim that they have discovered the secret to younger looking skin, their latest range of Yves forever youth liberatorSaint Laurent Forever Youth Liberator Creams contains a special ingredient that the majority of us have probably never heard of.

Their special ingredient is Glycans which L’oreal tell us combats the visible signs of ageing.

Recent research by the cosmetic giants into reversing the signs of ageing has been considered to be the most ground breaking in this area. The research, primarily into Glycobiology basically looks at just how complex sugars in our body (called Glycans) can affect the visible appearance of ageing.

Glycans are macro molecules or poly saccharides; they help the cells in the body to communicate with each other, in particular they aid the communication between the layers of the skin, – the outer layer (dermis) and the under layers (epidermis). The glycans transmit instructions to manufacture more collagen, making the skin supple and smooth, with age, the glycans deplete and cease to be as effective, leading to a reduction in collagen and the inevitable skin wrinkles that appear.

L’oreal tell us that they can rejuvenate the glycans, switching back on the communication between skin layers and kick starting the production of collagen as the skin absorbs the cream.

Available From Boots Online in the UK

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glycan results

L’oreal claim that tests prove their claims, pictures shown on the BBC of women before and after using the cream does show visible reduction of wrinkles.

Loreal have commissioned more in depth studies to reinforce their claims, they do feel however that their new cream could set new benchmarks for anti ageing creams in the future

How Does L’oreal’s New Cream Work

  • Glycans aid the communication between skin cells sending a message to produce collagen which makes the skin supple and smooth.
  • As we age, glycans stop working as efficiently so the message to produce collagen isn’t sent.
  • ‘L’Oreal claim they can stimulate ageing glycans, restoring the communication. As a result more collagen will be made, which will boost the elasticity of skin, pushing out wrinkles.

The new cream range – called YSL Forever Youth Liberator Range is available in the UK from Boots both in store and online as well as other main department stores.

Their range includes serums, day creams and foam wash.

Prices range between £35.00 and £80.00

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